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I Have Written Over 450 Comics.


I have written animated shows.

I have been a Guest of a Honor at cons all over the world.

I have won several awards.

But I still squee like an eight year old when I find a cool Wonder Woman mug.

Don’t judge me.

Oh I am judging. I am always judging you, Gail. You see me, judging. I will keep judging. Call me The Judger!!

(I know it’s the Challenge Accepted dude. But it fits with this too! Don’t judge!)



Left is the new Wonder Woman. Being deemed still too skinny and frail.
Right is Kacy Catanzaro, the first female to advance to the finals of American Ninja. Considered strong and inspiring to female athletes.
Stop assuming someone is weak based off your closed minded ignorant ideals.


I hadn’t really considered this. Interesting point!

BOOM!! Thank you. Also to add Kacy Catanzaro became the first female to COMPLETE American Ninja Warrior! And she’s only 5ft!


Rumored DC Cinematic Universe Line-Up!

The Batman in 2019 came from a separate (and slightly less reliable) source, but if the first group of films are revealed to be true, than that one would make sense.

If these films are revealed to be in production at Comic-Con (which is only 2 weeks away!), than I will be the happiest DC Fanboy on earth! COME ON, DC! IT’S TIME TO SHOW MARVEL WHAT YOU’RE MADE OF!

(FYI, If this is officially announced, prepare to see a nine mile long post of me going in depth on my thoughts on each and every film and how pumped I am for the DCCU)

Sources: Nikki Finke and Latino Review.

Tis a shame nothing about these potential movies was announced this weekend at SDCC. Also even The Rock (who was at SDCC, briefly) didn’t announce anything either!

Who knows, maybe before the Con season is out, we will get some kind of news about these movies. Because, oh boy! I will make the longest video in the world about how awesome all of these will be if it all came to light!


"Wonder Woman has been an enduring symbol of women’s power. We could imagine no better way to urge women to use their own power–the power of their vote–to stand up for themselves and their rights in the coming elections."
Ms magazine, October 2012 40th anniversary issue.

Some brief thoughts on the new Wonder Woman costume for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Like all the costumes the colors look dingy, but other than that I love it. LOVE IT.

It returns to the classic look of the character with a few design tweaks. If you hate the classic costume you’ll hate this one. Adding a subtle sling over the costume makes the costume practical in more ways than one without losing the iconic look.

In 1968 DC Comics got rid of the strapless swimsuit and gave her a shirt and pants. But when Ms. magazine put Wonder Woman on their first cover in 1972, they wanted the classic look. Every superhero’s power as a symbol IS their iconic look. By February 1973 DC submitted and gave Diana her costume back.

Compare the preview images of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Who looks like the ass kicker? Who looks ready to take action? Who’s having fun? Which one of them looks like a hero?

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